Annual Conference


At the ASAIO 63rd  Annual Conference
Chicago –  June 21 – 24, 2017

Course Director:
Pramod Bonde, MD, Yale University, New Haven, CT

Innovation At Intersection of Engineering and Medicine

How Engineering Influences Medicine
Fundamentals of Engineering Principles in Design, Development and Testing of Circulatory Devices

How Medicine Helps Engineering Innovation
Who Can and Cannot Benefit from VAD Therapy?
How Do We Expand the Potential Recipient Pool?

Economics of VAD Therapy:  What You Need To Know?
Infrastructure Needed
Dynamics of Healthcare Delivery
Financial Viability

Clinical Aspects of VAD Implantation & Approach
Hemodynamic Stabilization of Acute Circulatory Shock
Approaches and Pitfalls
Technical Pearls
What Not To Do

The Four Cs of VAD Care

Total Artificial Heart
Devices in the Pipeline
Clinical Implant and Care of TAH Patients
Programmatic Aspects

Prototype Challenge
This Year’s Design Challenge is to develop a physical prototype of a non-conventional pump which does not utilize pneumatic power and does not belong to conventional axial/mixed/centrifugal design and produce flow>2Lt/min.  Video demonstration of the prototype with flow demonstration will be needed to qualify.  Video 5 minutes and questions 5 minutes.