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What is ASAIO?

A venue for young investigators to start building their careers.
A home for visionaries and entrepreneurs
A society where scientists, clinicians, engineers and industry are treated as equals.
A culture with respect for all ideas.
The crossroads of science, engineering, regulatory and clinical practice.

ASAIO – Science, Medicine & Industry Innovating for the Future.

ASAIO (formerly known as the American Society for Artificial Internal Organs) is a world class society that has been in existence for over 63 years.  It strives to “save lives one medical device at a time”.  ASAIO’s mission is to provide a forum that globally and collaboratively promotes the development of innovative medical device technology at the crossroads of science, engineering, and medicine.  This is synergistically accomplished by our interdisciplinary and talented membership comprised of clinicians, scientists, engineers, industry, academia, the financial community, as well as representatives from the Food & Drug Administration, National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health.  Our interdisciplinary think-tank of developers push the envelope by continually adapting, evolving, and advancing the medical device, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine fields to provide solutions that culminate in the development of novel life-saving technologies.  ASAIO is deeply rooted in decades of history, success, and experience.  We seek to challenge conventional wisdom, to carefully address technological limitations, and to formulate new solutions with life-changing potential.

ASAIO is the ideal home for visionaries with innovative ideas and young investigators eager to advance their careers.  The Annual Conference provides a venue for young investigators to present early-stage research to an international audience receptive to new concepts in each of these fields.  The Annual Conference also offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to present new concepts to a seasoned audience to get real-time clinical, engineering and regulatory feedback on the viability of novel technology.  The society takes pride in having “respect for all ideas”, and in creating a culture that encourages interdisciplinary, mixing, blending, and out-of-the-box thinking.

ASAIO members have created medical device industries and academic successes that have led to many of the leading-edge devices used to treat patients today for renal (dialysis), cardiac (ventricular assist devices), pulmonary (ECMO and respiratory assist), hepatic (liver assist), pancreatic (artificial pancreas) and neurologic (brain-motor prostheses) applications.  Pioneers such as Gibbons, Kolff, Debakey, Cooley and Kantrowitz have made historic contributions while members of ASAIO that have resulted in the life-saving technology that the society benefits from today.

ASAIO also strives to provide an ideal forum for educational opportunities for the treatment of neonate, pediatric and adult applications.  Dedicated sessions are devoted to pediatric and adult mechanical circulatory support, respiratory assist, and VAD coordinator training.  These forums allow for cross fertilization and sharing of best practices among the participating institutions for each of these applications.

A Unique Scientific Forum:  The ASAIO Journal and Annual Conference promote excellence in basic and clinical research.  In contrast to other organizations, preference is given to “outside-the-box” ideas and approaches to organ assist or replacement therapy.  The Annual Conference is a uniquely open and vibrant forum for the discussion of current and future work.  If it’s new in artificial organs, you will find it at ASAIO.

The Future of Organ Replacement Therapy:  ASAIO is focused on creating revolutionary therapies for organ failure, including bioartificial and hybrid organs, bionics, as well as cell and genetic therapies.  ASAIOfyifor young innovators – strives to increase awareness of career opportunities in artificial organ development, brings the best minds to the field, and facilitates the free exchange of ideas among senior and young researchers.  ASAIO represents a unique catalyst for finding new therapies for organ failure, while seeking to shorten the commercialization cycle by adding access to representatives to the Food and Drug Administration, government funding agencies (such as NIH), and the financial community.

Through the work of its 550 members, the Annual Conference, the peer reviewed ASAIO Journal, and close cooperation with other international societies, ASAIO provides opportunities for young investigators interested in medical device development to interact with established experts and sponsoring companies.  Due largely to ASAIO and its members, artificial hearts, lungs, kidneys, blood vessels and joints are now in common practice and entire new fields of clinical medicine have emerged in the fields of nephrology, cardiac and vascular surgery, transplantation and intensive care.

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