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MCS Coordinators

Since 2012, ASAIO has hosted educational sessions designed for MCS Coordinators by MCS Coordinators.  At the 63rd Annual ASAIO Annual Conference in Chicago, June 21 – 24, 2017, the conference theme, “Patient-Centric Innovation – Artificial Organs Beyond the Conventional”, will expose us to new innovations that will spark and ignite the engine of change within our programs.  Educational content was designed to meet a wide range of needs for both those new to the field of MCS to the experienced Coordinator.

Conference MCS Coordinator Offerings

The ASAIO Conference Program is online on this website.  Click on the Annual Conference Tab.

VAD 1 – Strategies for Every Day Life Within A VAD Program

VAD 2 – Shark Tank

ASAIO / ICCAC MCS Proficiency Verification Courses