About Us

Engine of innovation

ASAIO welcomes and embraces new disciplines, procedures and concepts that contribute to a common goal of assisting or regenerating organ function.  Inviting uncertainty and promoting an open exchange of ideas remain hallmarks of the Society. Young and senior investigators have a unique opportunity to present new innovations that may portend future medical technologies that challenge the conventional and current clinical treatment paradigms of today.  The Society is an engine for promoting and facilitating  innovation in medical and biological technologies.

Acute and chronic organ failure continues to be the largest consumer of healthcare resources.  While there is considerable promise in today’s medical research programs, there are no existing coherent hypotheses for preventing these clinical conditions.  It seems clear that, for the foreseeable future, continual “innovation” is essential to creating strategies that will restore organ function and quality of life beyond the outcomes that patients presently experience.  ASAIO is the innovative incubator for those who want to create these strategies at the intersection of medicine, biology, science, and engineering.

New concepts need airing and constructive criticism with new and established investigators in public forums.  ASAIO is the place to test novel ideas while in the early stages of laboratory and clinical experience.  ASAIO remains one of the major engines for creating the future of new organ technologies.  What will the future look like?  Ask our members.